The Closet

The Intention

The place where everything is stored. Often the things that live here have nowhere else to go, put away in a hurry. Boxes filled with mementos. Boxes filled with donations. This may be a practice for grief. To celebrate memories or perhaps memories to let go of... Both are ways we can help cope with grief. Take time to manage this space and unpack what needs to be unpacked. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao

The Take Away 

What happens after is up to the participant:

  • Some of these objects can be brought to the House of Wonder.

  • To take these boxes to the curb, or

  • To destroying it and putting it in the trash.  

Whatever the choice is, it the practice of sitting with and processing the importance of these object. Sitting with and giving these memories space before deciding on what you want to do. Perhaps you aren't ready and that's ok too.