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Image by J. Remus

House of Wonder

This meditation series is influenced by Indigenous teachings of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabe to create mindful yet practical work for participants. Utilizing these practices, I blend both Dream and Shadow work to create a space where important work can be performed and processed. 

The Intention

This method is something I use to explore, and better understand myself and how I relate to the world. The House of Wonder is emblematic of that relationship, like any home, it must be maintained or it may fall into disrepair. Thought like electricity and Emotions like plumbing. Our experiences make this place home, our emotions and memories live here. 

The inspiration for this method comes from my personal exploration, coupled with my indigenous spirituality. Beginning with defining what Shadow and Dreamwork are, and how they are going to be used.  

Shadow Work helps to reflect on that which is important and often, situations and circumstances; that aren't given time or space to be worked through. Dream works help to give those shadows a face and a voice to communicate with. When something important is given a voice, its needs can be heard and addressed. Seeing a face and hearing a voice, those shadows that exist in our pasts/present can be understood and then worked through.


The House of Wonder is built to become a platform where these conversations can take place. 

The Floor Plan


The House of Wonder creates intention for each space, giving it meaning so as to create an element of structure to something that would otherwise have none. That intention creates a story and situations that can be interacted with, helping aid in the participant's process of that space. 

Ex: The Office: the place center on work life and career. The stress, achievements, and compromises, would be reflected here, as organized as you feel it is

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