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The best meditations for me are the single word contemplation. It’s easily done, one sits with open eyes, with a piece of paper and a pen. All attention and energy goes it resolving a single word. Thought goes to unraveling the meanings, by that definition we define and redefine the word and how it relates to us. The lesson in the word and how we can apply it to our daily life … if we can at all.

I’ve been doing this work when thinking of the 7 Sacred Teachings.

Seven simple words, disassembled and deduced to emotions and matter which you can breathe. That energy absorbed and made part of you, with it deeper understanding as to what they truly mean. Only because you’ve unlocked it for yourself and begin the process to making it part of everything you are and everything you do.


Love is the teaching from the Eagle. It is a force that is undeniable. With love all things are possible. It is everyone’s right to have and experience it. In terms of the Medicine Wheel, love is the hub. It is symbolic of fire and the Creator. Man is incapable of understanding the Creator; so in turn, he gave us a way to experience love and enjoy love through our children.

It is defined as:

  • an intense feeling of deep affection.

  • a great interest and pleasure in something.

  • feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to.

  • a person or thing that one loves.

Love is a complex thing. There is no one way to describe what love is or how we love because it simply an expression of how we relate to the world. Love helps us to understand ourselves, only when we question “why and how?” it can lose its meaning and be misunderstood. Love is prismatic, many colors for the many ways we can relate and express our connection to the people places and things that help to define us as individuals.

  • Loving our Family because they were our introduction to the world,

  • Loving our Friends because they show us part of the world our family could not,

  • Loving our Community because we were shown we have a place we belong and we’re valued for it,

  • Loving Places because important memories took place there,

  • Loving Objects because they hold important memories,

  • Loving an Artist because we were inspired by something they created,

  • Discovering love in a Partner because they open us up to other possibilities of who we can be,

  • Loving our Children and gifting them with a future rich in possibilities.

These are only the ways we gift Love to others but how we receive it is another matter. Eagle teaches is that love is the highest form of expression. That you need to understand the other teachings before you can truly understand...

When receiving Love...

  • Do so Humbly: you have inspired someone

  • Do so Honestly: understand the connection

  • Do so Courageously: Saying yes, and accepting the gift

& Saying no, when you can not reciprocate

  • Do so Truthfully: knowing yourself and your own limits

  • Do so Respectfully: setting and understanding the intention if it wasn’t previously set

  • Do so with Wisdom in mind: learn from your previous relationships, recognize trends, seek to change those trends

How do you Love?

Contemplate this for yourself. Discover the methods that work for you.

Although keep in mind writing it down is not truly practicing. But a simple step into understanding it better.

It is the difference in knowing the teaching and putting it into practice. How we do this, is up to us as individuals.

These sacred words are not simple things, they are a way of being. To embody and envelop these words they become part of us and our way of life.

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