Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Our growth as people, as individuals, as a community, and as a society, depends on our connections. The most challenging is loss, the permanence of it. There are some relationships that when they break apart, can feel similar to a death even though the person is still alive. We continue on with our lives and never see or hear from them again. Others, cause us to pause and wonder if they existed to begin with?

Coping with loss is a struggle we all face. Sometimes we can see it coming and its months or years away and we have to wait and often time feels like it stands still. For others it is sudden, so sudden that it takes our breath away, having us pause and ask ourselves “did that happen?” or “did I dream it?” Then reality sets in all over again. We are made to face that connection; see and reflect how they lived their life, finding value personal to us, determining who they were to us. We reflect on the moments we cherished and shared together, those that brought us closer together. How do we cope?

The best way we can…

The Take Away

We all have our own way to grieve, there is no right or wrong way to process loss.

We do what we need to do on our own time.

We need space, patience and understanding.

To Loved ones:

· Be open, be available, and be present.

· You do not get to decide how, or how long others mourn.

· Don't be afraid to check in.

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