Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Our growth as people- as individuals- as a community- as a society, depend on connections. How we create our connections depend on our personal needs. It is one of our greatest challenges in life. Seeking opportunities to create relationships and forging bonds that nourish our souls and help us grow into the people we need to be. It is something we can share; allowing us to share in many journeys at once while threads woven together to further our own personal journey. It is very much a spiritual experience. It is something we are awake for, excited for. It is where we venture out, guided by a question and discovering the answers that lead to more and more questions. These realizations and having the people and community to share them with is a powerful thing to experience; it gives a sense of belonging.

The Take Away:

  • We need people in our lives that make us feel that we are of value.

  • These things take time, whether you have relocated to a new place or are starting fresh, exploring a different interests.

  • Be patient.

  • Be vulnerable, allow new people to get to know you.

  • They probably do not want to hear your whole life story in 5 minutes but they do what you hear about your life.

  • You will have to invest yourself, in the people who would invest in you.

  • You are your own worst enemy, try not to hold yourself back because you might fear rejection. If they do reject you, it's their loss, move on and don't look back.

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