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How do we cope when we suffer the loss of a relationship? Our growth as individuals, as a community, and as a society depends on our interpersonal connections. We spend our lives building such relationships that add meaning and value to our existence here in the universe. Maintaining these relationships helps to give us the support we need to hold firm roots to the earth.

What do we do when one of them breaks?

All our relationships evolve and grow too, just as our thoughts and ideas of who we are, are evolving as we grow and learn. Our needs will change. Our emotions get redefined. Often we will grow together, our paths continuing to run parallel. Just as often those paths will separate, and we follow signposts leading off to different opportunities and other experiences.

It happens all the time

Old friends move on to other opportunities. Some will vanish almost unnoticed, as who they are (or were) seems to fade quickly from memory. Others will inevitably have more weight and their absence is felt for years, reflected on often, and even mourned. Perhaps our paths with cross again, but maybe not. Good-byes are very rarely easy. Sometimes it doesn’t mean good-bye forever, just…for now.

The Take-Away:

  • People leave our lives for all sorts of reasons, we don't always understand why. We might not get the answers we ask for or the answers we want. Maybe, no answer at all.

  • No matter the reason why people part ways, or relationships fail; accept it.

  • Try not to focus too much on regrets of the past, or on what you could have done differently. It's done. The only thing you can change is how your feelings about it affect you now.

  • There are indeed some relationships that are worth fighting for, or perhaps worth revisiting in the future. Maybe you're/they're just not ready for what you're/they're offering at present.

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