The Innate Power of "Yes & No"

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Out of all the words we use every day, two are the most powerful. Two simple words:

“Yes” and “No”.

These words have to the power to open us up to new experiences or control how much we do experience within any given time. As much as I encourage you to go out into the world saying “yes” to choices, “yes” to possibilities, “yes” to change, and “yes” to living your greatest life; it is also just as important to know your limitations. Instead of a yes or no answer, you can say: “I’m not ready to make that choice” or “those are some great options but let me looking in to them” or “give me the time to adjust, I’ll change on my own time”. "I am living the best life I can but also on my own terms."

It is important to find and explore your own personal balance between these two words. It is also important to know who you are saying them to. Are you saying yes to cater to your relationships to spare hurt feelings? Are you saying no because you are afraid of experiencing anything new? There are many reasons to say and use these words. In the end you must do what right for you.

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