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Updated: Feb 2

It is an interesting undertaking when we begin conversations pertaining to relationships and creating community. Finding those elusive groups of people, where we as human align, where we fit and its very romantic and there is magic, wonder and growth. This isn't always true for others who struggle to make these connections.

I'm sure there is a greater number of people who walk or in my case wander through life without ever feeling as they belong. Somehow you've closed yourself off, deciding that you as an individual aren't worth knowing. Your life is so chaotic and fill to the brim with luggage that you don't have time for new people. That friends, companions and lovers aren't yet an option because you have to deal with your own mes; before you can have all the things you deserve. That way you feel as if you earned it.... Or is that just an excuse to push these possibilities for relationships away?

That is an interesting question....

Who am I to say what you deserve or don't deserve? Or what you've earned so far? That you'll one day cash in your arcade tickets to gain the ultimate prize. Goals! Real life goals! I'm just a stranger on a park bench you sat next to that time. What could I say to convince you otherwise?

That many hands could make light work?

There are those who would, give their time for you, and help you sort through your life's luggage. Despite feeling invisible that are those that see you. The moment you stumble and fall they are closer than you realize; ready to leap into action, only you didn't pick yourself up so fast; they would offer a hand.

Don't Let your fear hold you back

Its interesting seeing the hesitation in the voice of someone close to you, they want to say more but can't find the word or the right time .... and holds back, then face rejection. Or the idea perhaps the fear of happens when the object of their affection says YES.

Impossible possibilities??

The possibilities for greater connections in our lives already exist, options that we don't see as options. Perhaps we just aren't ready for it, but there is no reason not to prepare for when we are...

Until then ...

I encourage those in groups look outside their circle and be inviting, for those seeking the connection you're offering. For those searching for their fit, to keep searching, perhaps it will find you. To those who aren't ready, we the world look forward to the time when you are..

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