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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

The best mediation for me are the single word contemplation. It’s easily done, one sits with open eyes, with a piece of paper and a pen. All attention and energy goes it resolving a single word. Thought goes to unraveling the meanings, by that definition we define and redefine the word and how it relates to us. The lesson in the word and how we can apply it to our daily life … if we can at all.

I’ve been doing this work when thinking of the 7 Sacred Teachings.

Seven simple words, disassembled and deduced to emotions and matter which you can breathe. That energy absorbed and made part of you, with it deeper understanding as to what they truly mean. Only because you’ve unlocked it for yourself and begin the process to making it part of everything you are and everything you do.


Wisdom is taught by the Beaver because it uses its natural gifts for its survival.  The beaver also alters its environment in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way for the benefit of his family. To cherish knowledge is to know wisdom

It is defined as:

  • the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

  • the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment.

  • the body of knowledge and principles that develops within a specified society or period.

Understanding the teachings of Wisdom we must look deeper to find meaning of this word. To understand what it is, but more importantly what it isn’t. Being wise, is more simple than one would realize because all it takes to be open to the experience of living. In these moments there are lessons and points that could be learned from. We as a people live in cycles and situations sometimes reoccur. if not exactly the same circumstance or a situation similar. Wisdom is being able to recognize these similarities and being able to decide how to negotiate what to do next.

  • Some are these are refreshing and wash over us and we find ourselves exhales and saying Yes!

How did I not realize this before?!

  • Others are bitter sweet, and our eyes are opened to the truth, that something aren't always as they appear. Somethings don't often go as we we intend and we are asking the same question with a slightly different connotation

How did I know realize this before!

  • There are even other moments that inspire the anger inside ourselves. They might cause us to shut down as we realize and ask

How did I not realize this before?

Being open to the lessons that come from experience. Asking the right questions to better understand what should we take away from the experiences we face are. We are always students and it is when we decide to stop learning from our mistakes and other situations do we stop engaging the world around us.

How do we practice Wisdom?

  • It is taking our time to understand the nature of the problems

  • it is in seeing all possible options and deciding the best course of action

  • it is recognizing reoccurring issues, breaking cycles that often repeat themselves

  • It is knowing the consequences of our actions

  • It is sharing our experiences and teach others to avoid hardship

Contemplate this for yourself. Discover the methods that work for you. Wisdom can be gained from the mostly unlikely places and circumstances. Allow yourself to see and understand it better, this would allow you to better understand your own limits and perhaps gain insight to overcoming your personal challenges. ignoring it could possibly lock you in an endless cycle or asking :

"why does this keep happening to me? "..... Instead of learning how to avoid it...

These sacred words are not simple things, they are a way of being. To embody and envelop these words they become part of us and our way of life.

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