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To build a better relationship all things discussed in the session are held in the highest confidence and are kept in trust. with these exceptions:

  • If the client intends harm to self, where I am made to believe the client intends to attempt or follow through with suicide

  • The client intends harm to others, children and those who are vulnerable, and I am made to believe that the client intends homicide. 

  • Should my notes be subpoenaed by a court of law

Should this occur I am bound by law to report it to authorities. 


To continue to build on trust, consent is another tool I employ in my practice. These are client lead sessions and to better respect that, there may be topics that may not be appropriate for discussion without that trust in place. Thereby giving the client to right to remove such topics from the table until such time as they are ready to have those conversations. As a counsellor, I do not get to decide when clients are ready to be vulnerable. Until then I will wait patiently for that time when difficult subjects can be talked about. 

Late & Cancellation

  • It might happen when clients may arrive late, for appointments. It might be disappointing to learn that should this happen, clients will only be afforded the remaining time in their time slot so as not to inconvenience other clients coming in after.  ei: Sessions are 1 hr long; if arriving 15 mins late, the client's session would be 45 mins long.

  • I will only wait 20 mins before marking clients as a "No Show"   

  • If a client would like to cancel and reschedule please give me 24hr warning via email. and I would be happy to reschedule for a convenient time for you. 

  • No Shows will be billed for 50% of my posted rate (discounts do not apply)

  •  I employ a 3-strike rule, should a client not show up for their appointment routinely I will have no choice but to terminate our work together and look to refer the client elsewhere. 

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