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Honesty is taught by two teachers, Raven & Sabe. Both interpretations are valuable to me. They give different insights into how to be honest. Sabe lives harmoniously with the land and the tree and can vanish quickly should it feel in danger. It could stand in plain sight and never be seen except for the trees. An honest person is a person who can see through the trees and see the truth and the being in front of them, while others will only see the trees. The lesson is to live harmoniously as yourself, there would be those who won't see you only the trees, which signify who they think you are.  

Raven's lesson comes from a story of him taking the sun, he was once white and after the ordeal of placing the sun into the sky his feathers blackened. He was offered a reward for his efforts, and as he explored these gifts, he found that his blackened form was gift enough. It was a reminder of the experience and was part of him. From this, I have learned that the experiences I gained are a gift. They may not be what I expect, I may not expect to gain anything from my choices. The act of doing might be a reward in itself,  even if the doing leaves a scar, that scar is a reminder of that moment I regret. The regret becomes a powerful gift if faced with similar circumstances to choose different. Not all would see it that way, I choose to learn from my past

I am covered in scars, even if no one can see them but me. There may be some who see my scars and would want to hear that story. Honesty helps me to tell that story and other tales of my experiences. I realize that this blog and its entirety is an exercise in honesty, and being vulnerable. Some want to see that side of me, while others would rather see the trees.

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