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Updated: Feb 18

Humility is taught to us by the wolf. Learning the meaning of working together as a unit and building a strong community that utilises the strengths of its members. Here we discover our individual roles which are used to serve the whole.  Skills and traditions handed down generation after generation to those who’ve worked to attain those things. The way the stories are told, we already know what our roles are. Who and what we are to be. It is often told to us, and it is something for us simply to accept. It is not always so, there is a journey before this, that helps us to connect to who and what we are. That journey is a long and difficult one. It is one I have walked myself and has taken much of my life to connect to who and what I am. I still don’t really know what that is. I am a person that changes everyday, made different by the choices I made, the effect those had on my body, mind, heart and spirit. 

I began my journey with humility, because it feels like my core. It is the sun at my centre and the other laws encircle it. As much as I would like to step into my community and assert myself into a role, to help support and protect it, I must first understand what that is. Who am I? What am I capable of?  How am I supposed to support others if I don't understand what it is I do? What is it that drives me?

As all of these questions do intrigue me and I will likely explore them all in time. The question I’m going to explore is: What am I not?

Defining all the things you are, and the things you know. Humility teaches boundaries. I found it easier to understand and define when I was exploring the things I am not and what I don't know. The areas I find challenging to navigate, where I need the support of others. All of the areas I need work to grow in. 

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