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Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

​I am a Two-Spirited Haudenosaunee/Anishinaabe person, located and providing services on the traditional territory of the WSÁNEĆ (Saanich), Lkwungen (Songhees), and Wyomilth (Esquimalt) peoples of the Coast Salish Nation.

It is my intention to support the Mental Health needs of those in and around my community. Those practicing Alternating lifestyles, Indigenous, LGBTQ+ & Serving members and their families  

Areas of Expertise

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy,
Grief & Loss and Relationship

I am a Psychotherapist providing a holistic approach to your wellness, supporting you emotionally, and mentally to better navigate how those things relate to the body.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a short-term therapy, with max 12 sessions used to explore the thoughts and beliefs you might have that hamper your personal growth. During this time we challenge these beliefs you may have about yourself


Through Narrative Therapy, we separate the problems you might be facing from yourself, to better understand your relationship with the circumstance and communicate with it. you're facing at this point in time. 

Processing Grief & Loss may be a long endeavour, however, we explore ways to cope. Loss is not limited to losing a loved one but a closing of a chapter, how to move with change and those moments that shift away from our control 

Relationships are complex situations and are more complex when the persons involved have problems communicating. It can get more complicated with the type of dynamic those persons are exploring and the challenges that come with an alternative Lifestyle. Extended Time away from home, ENM, M/s, D/s and other variables which can cause conflict within that dynamic.


My Process

Sessions with me, are client driven. Once it is determined what area of work is needed, defining the problem and what about this particular situation is problematic, we create a plan to work with that specific problem.  It is up to me the counsellor to keep my clients on track, keeping the conversations relevant to that issue, and completing one area of work before moving on to another area of work. 

Bouncing around too much, and trying to find a resolution to more than one problem at a time can be too much to keep track of. When more than one problem does come up, if it is not relevant to the current conversation, it is table until such time as that situation is felt to be complete. Then we move on to the next. 


Contact Me

For those living in the Greater Victoria Area. I am available for in-person appointments however if in-person is not feasible, and you reside out of the region but live in Canada. I can host Online Sessions

I really hope to meet you soon!

2529 Wark Street,

Victoria, BC, Canada,

V8T 4G7

Tel: 1(250) 516-6654

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