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Learning About Me

Updated: Mar 9

This process was helpful, helping me to understand the person I am. How I think and feel and things I am comfortable with also have me questioning how I interact with situations I’m not comfortable with. How do I remain kind when confronted with something like that? 

The spirit of the process is to find meaning for it. What about this was important to learn, to define and understand. Any journey that has me pause to understand myself and why I react the way I do is good. It's all helpful. It helps me to understand the kind of person I am, not to be told what kind of person I am, but to see it and explore it myself. Some parts still need some work. Some parts need to shift and change completely because I don’t like those parts of myself. 

Learning Humility in this way has me confront what I know and what I feel about how I am. What I don’t know, sometimes gives way to my fears and disgust. Those feelings often contribute to how I react, perhaps too much. So I combat those feelings, learning about the things I know less about, to fill the void with facts rather than speculation. If I am still interested to dive deeper into the fray and consume all I can. If it proves uninteresting, walk away, but I’ll understand why it doesn’t interest me and it becomes something I can dissuade myself from talking about, detach my emotional connection and leave it be. 

Humility is a journey into knowing yourself. To talk more of an active role in the way you show up, choosing the role for yourself or being burdened with a role that doesn’t suit you. How can you know, if you don’t give yourself the time to get to know who you are? Have that be told to you, it's something others see or want you to become. Deciding for yourself if it's true. Is it something you wish to become, and knowing why, or perhaps another role is more appealing because it suits your nature? 

I have discovered myself exactly where I need to be. Having the time to get to know myself and what skills I have to better serve the community. It’s going to take more time to master the skills, but I have the time and those around me with the experience to draw from. 

The learning doesn’t end here, having found the meaning of this particular law. They will need to be visited and revisited throughout the entirety of my life. Ever growing and changing and with it my perspective and insights.

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