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My phone is a part of my every day, I have anxiety when I don’t have it at my side. What is equally stressful is opening the texting, emailing and messaging apps and seeing this long list of people conversations I’m maintaining. These conversations may have already met their end but I still have it to reference. Why? This list stresses me out on its own.

I created a new routine to better my relationship with my phone and perhaps those in my circle.

Once the conversation is done, take what I need from that thread, save the files I need, schedule what I need to schedule and once it’s done, delete the thread. It is off the list. Keep the tread so long as it’s useful and delete it after. This keeps my list of correspondence short and keeps it to those I need to work on.

Going through and emptying my archives, junk bins and clear caches, to things that are needed otherwise it's gone. Keeping my conversation list short or empty is such a load off my mind. It’s one less thing I need to maintain. It helps me to feel organized and it's easier to breathe when there is less to dig through. #wellness #creatingroutine #chores #yyjcounselor #indigenous #lifelessons #resources #reflections #appearances #change

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