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Garbage Day

Taking the garbage out is a source of anxiety for many, it becomes so much more when those bags multiply, trying to remember the schedule, when to drag those bins to the side of the road. It can easily become too much. I'd have several bags piled by the door, the population of fruit flies buzzing.

I’d feel this sense of defeat when I remember to take them down, the bins are already full. I couldn’t manage myself enough to take the trash out. Interestingly, taking out the trash affects my mindset so much.

Having the schedule, close by, helps remind me. Having smaller bags is helpful because I’m no longer daunted by the size of the trash needing to leave. It’s easier to manage, and the population of flies has all but disappeared. My son reminds me that I’m not perfect, doing what I can, is enough. So I do the best I can. #springcleaning, #wellness #chores #doingthebestican #reflections #newhabits

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