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Making a Change

When you are in the depths of depression finding and breaking out of a habit of being in bed is hard. For most of us, sleeping is best to recover that needed energy. A lack of purpose and routine only keeps us in bed longer because there is no point in leaving bed when to do?

When your body is rested and decides it needs to move, despite the state your mind or your heart is in. Move. Decide what you want to do, to make that thing important enough to break the habit of being a hamster.

Even if that action, of a shower and cleaning that funk of your depression off of your body. Image that filth circling the drain.

Wash your sheets, to rid your safe place of the funk and your depression, even if you have to return to your safe place and live your best life as your hamster self. At least you’d have clean sheets to crawl underneath. At least you’d be showered.

At least…

Know your limits, and what you can handle in the moment, a small job like a shower, or a load of laundry can be a big deal. So do the best you can.

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