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I have always enjoyed writing and I've kept a journal for years. Experiences and memories are chronicled as moments of inspiration. These moments have lingered in me, challenging the way I think, and influencing my choices. Now as I’ve begun this new chapter in this new career path. The conversations I’ve had in and out of work, etched into me, continue to challenge me and my perception.

I enjoy how these thoughts cause me to pause to reflect on how I would feel if I were in their place. What would it be like if it were me? It helps me to empathize. I may not completely understand, there is only so much I can imagine. There are some things I can’t infer from, I can’t know how they feel. I can’t know what it means to live their life and the challenges they face. I can only infer, how I might fair and it may not be the way I’d react.

Pausing to reflect and giving voice to the thoughts in my head and how I’d feel. Acknowledging the limitations in those thoughts also prepares me for the reality that might come from those emotions and those experiences. What it would mean to have to make those choices myself? What would it mean to live that way of life?

It’s all worth thinking about… there is growth in these moments. Even if just writing them down, share them with others.

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